Day Seven……….No Flights??


Hello again Dave,

What a funny old day I’ve had today, I went to work as usual but once again ended up being late, this time though it was no fault of my own, I waited over forty minutes for the bus before i actually called for a taxi, but when I got to work it turned out that alot of people had the same problems. We had a brief meeting from the new acting manager who told us that the coroner released a report to the now deceased bosses wife which detailed that a huge failing of blood cells replicating and an issue with white blood cells were a factor behind his death……not a big break through i thought, but other more intelligent members of the staff began to speculate.

After a couple of hours trying to call customers and only being met with more hostility than usual, we were once again called into the small conference room which gets stuffy with all of us in, but the plus side was that i was quite literally squeezed up against Jen. So i didn’t mind too much.

‘There has been an urgent report released on Sky News which i believe may effect you all’…..he turned on the TV and the whole room fell silent. The breaking news scroll-er informed us that the UK, along with another three European countries had been declared as No Fly Zones and ALL public transport, planes, ferries and trains were stopping their services as of 6 a.m this morning. That explains the missing bus.

They then began to report on the secret UN meeting that happened in Berlin during the night in which the No Fly Zones had been initiated on the UK, France, Spain and Portugal. Very little was given away as to why these sanctions had been implemented, all they reported was that an unexpected bout of Rabies had hit the countries in question and that only a small number of the populations had been effected, there’s was no cause for concern, and to head home and stay there with sufficient provisions. I was screwed, i had my last pot noodle last night.

As the report began to repeat itself, I looked at Jen and she seemed the most worried in the whole room, I put my hand on her shoulder and asked how she was, at first she shook her head slowly and simply uttered ‘What the hell is going on?’…….I didn’t know what to say, All i knew was that I needed a smoke. I asked Jen if she would like to join me on the roof for a cigarette, which she obliged.

Once we were up there, she seemed to let some of the blood go back to her face, and that’s when the two of us began to speculate on what was going on, it was actually more of her telling me theories and me agreeing with them all…….who the hell was I to speculate, I had no idea what was going on.

We sat and spoke generally for about half an hour, talking about why we worked here, where we were from and about family. She is nice i thought to myself, and for once in my life, my head was completely clear from the fuzziness, from the tones that constantly buzzed from one ear to another, my mind was at peace and it was tranquil. Until the pretend boss burst through the door and asked us to come down stairs for another meeting.

The whole place was at a stand still, and we were told to go home, and stay there until we all received a text message from work……some people seemed a little upset, not me, i punched the air a little, and Jen seemed relieved too……

Jen told me where she lived, it was only a ten minute walk away from me and an hour walk from work, but since there was no transport we decided to walk home and i would get some shopping on the way at Aldi. We had a nice chat on the way, talking about what we would do if we won the lottery, or if we had one wish, or if we could get away with one crime, what would it be? It was fun and i was extremely relaxed……….at least for a small while.

After about two thirds of the way, we realized that many shops were already shut and there were few people on the streets, it did seem odd, but we were so wrapped up in each others company we didn’t let it bother us too much until we heard a howl…….if i needed to describe it, I would say it was like Micheal Jackson when he was halfway through the process of turning into a Werewolf in the thriller video… was unnatural. What we seem next was a catalyst for the most heart thumping moment of my life……

A man, a woman, a figure, whatever it was, it looked like a deformed human, ran from this small collection of trees and just started limping towards us, almost like he was shuffling slightly….some of me wanted to offer some help, the rest of me wanted to grab Jen and start to retreat, but that was soon decided for me when a car came almost sideways around a corner and SMASHED into the person, which made Jen jump and grab my hand. The next minute or so just didn’t matter to me, i squeezed back and enjoyed it……i thought my heart was going to punch me in the face.

We held hans for about a minute then the jumped back, she then had to tell me that the man from the car literally climbed out of the car, looked at the body and ran away……but surely the police could identify him using the car? Never mind.

Anyway, we did try to call the police but we were met with some automated message of the services being overwhelmed. That was new.

I eventually got Jen home once she agreed that we could do nothing for this squashed person when we cant even call any emergency service, not even the coastguard, after she went inside, i headed for the shop with a hop and a skip, totally oblivious to the world around me……the shop was absolutely heaving when i got there, every checkout at full capacity…..I didn’t mind, i was in no rush. I got my usual weekly shop, paid for it using my unauthorized over draft and came home…..

Once i did get here, I had a nice voice mail message off Jen whilst I was in the shower thanking me for getting her home safely……i was probably more scared than her…….anyway, we have been texting now for a while but soon it’s time for bed…….

So for another day…….Goodnight Dave



Day Six…………What the hell??


Hello Dave,

Okay, so I know it’s been a couple of days before we have seen each other, but I have JUST got back from the retrain at work, and what a fucked up couple of days it’s been. First of all, everything was going well, or as well as it could be…a room full of another eleven slacking employees similar to myself. One of them though, did catch my eye……how have i not seen her at work before?

She was called Jen…I have never found myself looking at girls really or ever ‘fancying’ a girl (and no, i’m not gay) however, just was just……I cant even begin to explain any of it……I cant say its love because i don’t know what it is, but i have never ever felt anything close to this.

Petite, fantastic body, beautiful face, lovely hair and an awesome butt…..I have never looked at a girl and even rated them as being attractive, but i found myself studying every square inch of her body when she wasn’t looking, every dimple and line when she laughed, her long lashes when she watched boringly…….what a woman.

So yes, the days seemed to be going okay, I payed very little attention to the short fat man standing at the front of the room who seemed so impressed with his little presentation that ‘only took an hour to make’ as he kept informing us…..wish it only took an hour to complete.

The end of the days was marred by what I can only explain as a very bloody crime. We heard the sirens first, and some of the staff retraining tried to peep out of the window, but due to the level we were on and the lack of space the windows gave when open, we could see nothing at all.

After an hour or so of speculation whilst we all gathered our things to prepare for the journey home, a concierge worker from downstairs knocked on the door and instructed us to remain inside the room until someone came to give the all clear……when we asked what was going on, all he would say is that ‘it was for our own safety’…as he left, he LOCKED the damn door.

This visit only fueled the speculation, one favorite of the group was a crazed gunman, which was sort of made true in our eyes when we heard a series of gunshots from outside the building……it was safe to say that we were all shitting ourselves…..not literally, but we were close.

After an hour or so of waiting, we heard the door unlock and we jumped, both in defense and optimism. The same concierge guy looked grey, the blood almost totally drained from his face. We were told to head to our hotel rooms and stay inside….despite the protests of the staff and the short fat guy who needed to be home, we were ushered to our now clean rooms and ensured we would pay nothing extra and room service was on the house. I took full advantage.

After a couple of hours, I was content…full from pizza and chips, and my thirst quenched from numerous bottles of diet coke, i switched to the news…..surely there would be some coverage. I was right.

It was reported from the usual reporter out on the street, just at the entrance to our hotel which seemed to have succumb to some exterior damage and the doors seem to have been locked with a padlock and chain……with us inside. It was reported that a couple of men attacked a handful of pedestrians and tried to attack police when they arrived which resulted in them being shot dead after no response to tazers and gas…..

What was odd was the guy behind the reporter shouting about a cover up, the now dead men had rabies and the death toll was higher than it was reported…….he was eventually moved out of the way by a couple of uniformed army officers…….crack job!

I had a restless sleep after that and headed for breakfast at seven. Only a couple of people were there from work, but they still discussed the report that they obviously seen the night before too.

On the way back on the train, i received a call from John (I had spoke to him on Monday) and he sounded upset…..he told me that everyone else at work had been given the day off because the boss had passed away during the night, the cause of death was unknown but his wife had told John about an extreme change in behavior, becoming more aggressive, but she was ushered out of the room by doctors and an army man…….they left after only a few minutes with the bed covered in a sheet…….she had not seen the body yet.

I was shocked, I didn’t like the guy, but i didn’t wish him dead, at least not genuinely dead.

So that has been my past couple of days, pretty crazy if you ask me…….time for a snooze now, hopefully getting this down on paper will help me sleep……goodnight Dave…….sleep tight.

Day Three……..Glad to be home…



Another long day at the office, fifteen hours in total…some would call that over-overtime, but hey, more money in my pocket. Today did have a plus side though, the assistant manager called in briefly to inform us that the boss would probably not be around for the rest of the week because he has been admitted to hospital during the early hours of this morning…..I am strangely looking forward to work this week now, even the next two days for my ‘retrain’.

We were not give any extra info as to what was up with the boss, but beggars cant be choosers….as long as he is there and not at work.

On my commute today I did seem to notice that there was alot of sirens going around, and I seen a couple of cop cars whiz past while I was on the bus…not saying that around here is a haven of do gooders, but I couldn’t help but feel that the presence was more than usual, especially considering that when something big happens, someone in the office is usually blabbing about what has happened, or at least speculating…..there were a couple of whispers about terrorists, but you would expect that these days…

Also, while I am thinking about it, I haven’t heard from John today, he usually texts a couple of times a day, but so far nothing today, but that could be some form of alcohol induced illness from last night, quite a fan of cocktails he is….I will give him until my lunch break tomorrow then I will drop him a call.

Also must remember to get in touch with mum and dad to let them know I will still be getting the train back up north for the weekend, they always seem to make a big fuss out of family birthdays, and I cant complain really, free food, electricity and washing for a few days, completely worth the lectures from dad about how I could have landed a better job…… he would know…..

Anyway, my bed is calling and my eyes are almost at the point that I need matchsticks, so time to head to the dreamworld if I can for a couple of hours before I get up……..Speak soon Journal

PS: I Should really give you a name, this might seem more normal if I feel like I am writing to a person and not an object…

Day Two……….What a day!


As expected, my day started with a forty-five minute grilling from the boss, giving me the ethical shake down and update of the company hierarchy. “One weak link means the whole chain is broken” finished with the good old “There is no I in TEAM”, I didn’t quite have the balls to retort with “But there is a ME”….As much as I hate the place and the people, i need the money.

So anyway, the consequences to my numerous doctors appointments is to attend a two day retrain, which means instead of getting paid for working with my own mind to keep me busy and entertained, I have to spend two days with employees that are just as incompetent as I am, two damn days! This guy must really hate me.

On a side note, I slept alot easier than normal last night…not sure if it’s because i made a little entry into my new journal or because I was so exhausted, we shall soon see though.

Overtime tomorrow, so a full day with husbands who brag about how little they want to spend their days with the family at the park, but instead sit at a desk and complete measly jobs for a jumped up boss who wouldn’t do the overtime himself.

An additional side note, while i was waiting for the bus this morning, there was a whacked out crazy guy screaming “You shall all repent” and “The end approaches” or some similar Armageddon prophecy. He did weird me out a little bit, so just thought it would be worth mentioning, just in case I end up thinking about it too much

Anyway, time to chill the hell out with some pop tarts and TV, maybe some game time too. No doubt i will need a time consumer tomorrow too so i plan on taking my new little journal along to work with me.

See you tomorrow Journal…

Day One……..erm, Hi?


Not entirely sure on how to start this…been back from the doctors for about six hours and rather than being given some drug to help suppress the symptoms, I was given a book and a pack of pens. ‘It will help vent off some of that expendable steam’ the doctor said. I guess I have exhausted all other possibilities, so there is no harm in trying.

Had to take another day off work today for my appointment, so no doubt I will get yet another earful from the boss, the usual questioning of my dedication and passion for the company, but for the wages I earn a year, including overtime, I believe that most people would show my level of ‘dedication’ or ‘passion’. I’m sure this used to be slave labor.

Watching the minutes and hours tick by, counting down how much sleep I would get if I went to bed now until the dreaded buzzing from my phone in the morning, oh the joys.

Anyway, I can’t think of much more to type, but the doctor said I should make an entry when I feel a build up of emotion, or at least an entry each day to make sure none of those emotions build up without me knowing about it, so soon these pages will no doubt be full….